Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test

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The Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test (1969) addresses manual or gross motor dexterity. It assesses the speed and accuracy of repetitive reaching, picking up, manipulating, and placing disks the size of double checkers [1].

System Requirements: Windows Operating System

Software Requirements: Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, or 2010 for Windows (not tested on Excel 2013 or Mac)

Price: $500. Please contact for purchase.


  1. Placing
  2. Turning
  3. Displacing
  4. 1-Hand Placing/Turning
  5. 2-Hand Placing/Turning

Outcome Measures:

  1. Score (Sec)
  2. Percentile
  3. Standard
  4. Stanine
  5. Verbal

Special Features:

  1. All normative data values provided can be viewed and permanently modified/edited directly in the calculator.
  2. Ability to load raw data into calculator directly from spreadsheet.
  3. Produce graph (directly on the form) with averages from all five subtests.
  4. Produces a summary report in Excel with all raw data and outcome measures, up to 4 (re)tests in one form, and graphs comparing re-test results.

Test Equipment Required
Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test

System Requirements:
Operation system: Windows Operating System (32 and 64-bit)
Other: Excel 1997 to 2010

Calculator User Interface

Normative Data


1. Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction (Sixth Edition), 2008. Mary Vining Radomski, Catherine Trombly Latham. Chapter 42, page 1137.

2. American Guidance Service (1969). Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Test: Examiner

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